About Us

Mark Myer

Mark Myer

Hi, I'm Mark Myer from Sydney, Australia.

I've never had a dog until recently and after my kids begged to have a dog, I finally decided to bring Rio home, our new fluffy and adorable little boy.

As a no-clue and first time dog owner I was lost on how to take care of my fur baby, so I joined a puppy school for advice. It was helpful but most of the training and exercises were geared towards larger dogs. I left with more questions than answers.

I went online and look for information about small dogs and there is not much out there. Even though dog advice available is relevant to any dog size, there is not enough that takes into consideration the key differences of small dogs.


So I decided to create Small Dogs Academy and help a lot of small dog owners out there that enjoy the companionship of their little friend and want to provide the best training possible.

In our Shop we provide a selection of toys, accessories and premium products to help you train your small dog and make him comfortable and happy for years to come.

Marina Somma

Marina Somma

Marina is a certified exotic animal trainer and dog behavior specialist from Florida and has been working with clients to help them have obedient dogs of all sizes.

Marina is responsible for the advice and content of Dog Savvy, our small dog training course and is bringing all her experience with little dogs.

Marina runs her own business Pets Etc. Animal Training, a Family Owned and Operated Certified Professional Dog Training (CPDT-KA) business based out of the Central Florida Area that specializes in private in-home Sessions.

Marina, Graduated From Monmouth University with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Marine and Environmental Biology & Policy. She has over 8 years of experience in Zoological and Domestic Animal Care, working at Facilities all around the country, and 5 years of experience in private animal training.