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It’s a fact: dogs love to chew. The problem is that sometimes - particularly when they’re bored or missing you - they’ll practice that chewing on the furniture, shoes, and other items they shouldn’t.

Our Smart Treat Ball helps them put the chewing urge to good use: it keeps plaque and debris off of their teeth and gums to prevent dental issues that can cause the dreaded “doggie breath.”

This ultra-durable rubber ball has just the right amount of giving to stand up to even the most ardent chewers. Simply push small training treats or pieces of kibble into the nodule-lined strips and your dog will be entertained for hours! 

  • The simple design works with your dog’s kibble or treats: no messy gels or expensive branded “refills” necessary.
  • Durable rubber material resists breaking or fraying and easily cleans up with a quick rinse.
  • Available in several fashionable colors and two different sizes to suit any breed.

Eliminate Problem Behaviors

yellow treat ball with treats

Frequently most of the problem behaviors such as barking, biting, chewing are caused by boredom.

The Smart Ball is the perfect "work-to-eat" toy to keep your dog busy for hours and become a well-behaved fur baby.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Dog

dog with treat ball mouth

Problems with teeth and gums don't just cause your pet pain and discomfort, but also puts them at risk of developing life-threatening health issues.

The Smart Ball is designed to scrape plaque off the teeth and massage the gums to improve dental health.

Durable and Bite Resistant

hand holding treat balls

Made from a natural eco-friendly rubber material, non-toxic, safe and soft, durable, and bite-resistant the Smart Ball will endure very active dogs and will last for a long time.


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